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JackpotJoy Group: Intercasino Rebranding

In August 2017, Jackpotjoy Group began to reposition its InterCasino brand. The process was captained by InterCasino Brand Manager, Neil Ferris, and his partner-in-crime, UK Country Manager, Luke Skyrme. Their first step was to embark upon a process of analysis; looking outward, at the various markets and revenue sources; and inward, to identify areas that needed improvement and optimisation.

Looking at their research, they concluded that the UK was likely the best place to start. This came with its own set of obstacles, however, since the UK is one of the most highly regulated markets for online casinos.

Neil Ferris, on the challenge of basing their branding efforts in the UK: “We felt it was worth going for. The plan was to optimise, find a place within the UK market, and then use what we’ve learned to spill over into the less regulated markets.”

One challenge of any branding exercise is to identify fundamental aspects of the brand, and then communicate those ideas to the target group. For Neil and Luke, that meant working around the phrase, “You are the Real Deal.” They felt that the tagline embodies the way that InterCasino treats its players; the idea that they are not just customers, they are someone important, and that’s why they’ve chosen InterCasino over other casinos.

“More than anything else,” said Neil, “we wanted to communicate InterCasino’s heritage. Not many online casinos can say they’ve been around for 21 years."

When they came to prepare a timeline to implement their work, Neil and Luke estimated that they would need around three months. When they presented their plan to then Vera&John CEO, Dan Andersson, he bet that they couldn’t do it in three weeks.

They took that bet.

Spurred on by the challenge, they were shipped off to London, where they teamed up with a UK-based production company to brainstorm advertising strategies. The outcome of that partnership can be seen all around London, on the livery of over 300 black cabs; and on television, in the form of a TV ad spot, advertising all the glitz and glam of the InterCasino brand.

Of course, all the work of relaunching InterCasino cannot rest on the shoulders of just two people. Neil and Luke stress that the radical reinvention of the site would have been impossible without the involvement of, “more people than I can even mention.”

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, and you can see the results. InterCasino now sports a brand-spanking-new desktop design, as well as a mobile site; and the positive response of players, both in the UK, and in other markets, only continues to be encouraging. 

Written by Kris Green - Content Writer


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