Global Day of Parents – Meet the Parents Network


Whether you’re still on the journey to becoming a parent, or a fresh-faced one who is just getting the hang of new sleep patterns, we want to make sure all our employees have the support they need here at Gamesys, inside and outside the workplace.

To celebrate the Global Day of Parents, our Parents Network came together for their first flagship event of the year, to remind everyone about the company’s objectives and support.  

In partnership with our leadership team, the People Operations team and other third-party training providers, the network offers informal peer support and practical advice on a variety of topics – from managing the transition back to work, to the challenges of being a working parent in a remote or hybrid working environment.

How did it all begin?

Our Parents Network grew pretty organically, following a number of employees coming back from parental leave a few years back. They connected over coffee chats and shared experiences, and bonded over the challenges some working parents sometimes face when transitioning back into office life. Our business grew and so did our employees’ families – paving the way for a new community of working parents and colleagues.

So, what are the Parent Networks main pillars?

To Listen, Connect, Educate and create a Safe Space!

Listen –

  • To take learnings from conversations and feedback;
  • Champion the way we support our working parents;
  • Continuously work to improve and tackle areas of development.

Connect –

  • To create an inclusive environment for open conversation for all parents (or parents to be!) with impartial advice around real challenges and expectations;
  • Nourishing an active community that is available to answer questions before, during and after maternity, paternity or adoption leave.

Educate –

  • To guide employees on the support available to them at Gamesys;
  • Educate leaders who may not be parents themselves on best practise to managing working parents, with a focus on empathy and flexibility;
  • Encourage honest discussions about working parents’ challenges,
  • Provide practical advice and support in addition to the company’s official HR policy and guidance.

But ultimately – to create a Safe Space for our community!

Here’s a sneak peek at the Parents Network Event

The Parents Network is one of four vibrant company-sponsored, internal and employee-led networks that support Gamesys’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that different perspectives make us smarter and stronger – that’s why we created an umbrella brand called G+I. Which stands for Gamesys and Inclusion, but the ‘I’ also represents each of our employees as individuals – embracing, celebrating, supporting, listening, and learning from each other, as one beautiful and diverse Gamesys team!

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