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GLoW, the Gamesys League of Women


Earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day with GLoW’s first network event of the year.

But first things first, what is GLoW and what does it stand for? Our Gamesys League of Women is an employee-led network with a mission to promote gender inclusivity, to recognise the diversity of women and create support in the form of a network that allows women to flourish and develop as both individuals and professionals. GLoW is one of four vibrant company-sponsored, internal and employee-led networks that support Gamesys’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that different perspectives make us smarter and stronger – that’s why we created an umbrella brand called G+I. Which stands for Gamesys and Inclusion, but the ‘I’ also representing each of our employees as individuals, embracing, celebrating, supporting, listening, and learning from each other, as one beautiful, diverse Gamesys team!

Our networks also include; Pride, which represents the LGBT+ community; our Parents Network, a space for working mums and dads; and BAME, a voice for Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees. These networks give our employees a channel to provide input into policy making, as well as supporting information exchange, education, and community events.

Let’s now delve a little deeper into GLoW’s missions:

Creating support: we may not be meeting up or networking in physical spaces in the present moment, however GLoW has created a support system andaspace where anyone can connect, share inspirations, questions, learn from each other’s experiences and paths, and raise issues.

Promote inclusivity: although GLoW is a network about women, it is open to anyone willing to support the women in their life. Through its activities, the network seeks to teach all employees how to stand for equality and support the women in their workplace and life.

Recognising diversity: we are all unique and multi-faceted individuals with different priorities, struggles, and ways of coping with challenges and difficulties. Recognising and appreciating these differences is key to creating a better work environment and company policies.

There is power in coming together and we are all stronger when we stand as one! The GLoW community comes together to provide anyone in our workforce the opportunity to stand for equality, diversity and support in an open, accepting and diverse environment.

And our bright GLoW logo perfectly captures all of this! It’s different and diverse designed letters shout inclusivity, diversity and our goal to be one team.

During our launch event, we touched upon some important gender issues that affect some of our female employees in their different locales: gender equality in our various office locations, childcare, sexual violence, issues or challenges that women commonly face during their careers, as well as personal definitions of feminism. Feminism is generally, and sadly perceived as a dirty word due to incorrect and damaging stereotypes. The shared view amongst employees discussing feminism during the GLoW kick-off event was that feminism is all about equality, empowerment and freedom rather than disadvantaging one group over another, and that all genders should have a role in pushing forward this agenda.

We also invited special guests, psychologist Dr Jo Kandola and Professor Binna Kandola from Pearn Kandola, a leading D&I training and consultancy company, to give us an exclusive talk on gender equality in organisations, and gender bias. They touched on the interesting fact that our generation is not, as we might assume, the most progressive one with regard to gender equality, and there is much left to do. Worldwide, mindsets need to change, and we must choose to challenge and reconstruct this mindset in order to eliminate gender stereotypes.

We believe it is immensely important that companies, and especially that we, here at Gamesys, commit to continuous improvements, and value diversity across the board, and to keep having discussions about topics relating to gender, inclusivity, diversity and issues faced by women. The wellbeing of every single one of our employees is immensely close to our heart. With the spirit of International Women’s Day still fresh in our hearts, we would like to appreciate all the strong women who contributed to the growth and success of Gamesys, all the women who seek to lift others, contribute positively to the world, no matter how big or small their actions, and all the people who stood up for and supported the women around them.

A glimpse into our first GLoW network event.

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