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Earth Day – Building a Brighter Future


Being a responsible business has always been a top priority for us here at Gamesys. It’s part of our purpose to ‘craft entertainment with care’, our values and our identity. Simply put, it is how we like to operate.

Our approach is led by a board level committee who are responsible for overseeing and publicly reporting on the company’s approach to all aspects of sustainability. This year, we have refreshed and relaunched our sustainability strategic pillar, which we call ‘Gamesys Cares’. Our ambitious overarching strategic aim is to be recognised as the industry leader for sustainability, and our approach is underpinned by three pillars which represent our commitment to our players, our people, and our communities.


One of our biggest goals this year was to become operationally net zero carbon. We focused our efforts on implementing a number of energy reduction measures, including purchasing energy-efficient IT equipment and enabling home-working, which have reduced our gross emissions by 32% year on year. As for our residual emissions, we have purchased carbon offsets from a reputable and certified Gold Standard scheme, in Qori Q’oncha, Peru, which provides impoverished families with fuel-efficient cook stoves that emit less carbon in comparison to open fire. We chose this scheme because of the additional societal benefits, as the cook stoves require less fuel and families have more money to spend on food and other essentials.

We’re happy to share that the Carbon Trust, a global climate change and sustainability consultancy, has verified our 2020 greenhouse gas emissions and has certified us as operationally carbon neutral.

This year, unlike any other, carbon emissions from our offices have been reduced due to employees working from home. We know though, that we are ultimately responsible for carbon emissions arising from our laptops and the heating/cooling needed to keep work environments comfortable, wherever that may be. For that reason, we have applied a best practice method to measure carbon emissions arising from working from home and we have purchased additional offsets to counteract the effect of these.

Going forward, our aim is to reduce our direct greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption by 50% by 2023 (compared to the 2019 baseline). Our strategy to achieve this includes a combination of activities to improve our energy efficiency and to move electricity supplies to renewable sources wherever possible. We’ve already switched our electricity tariffs in the New Jersey and Estonia offices and are working on others.


This year, we’re excited to celebrate Earth Day as part of our commitment to climate action. We have launched an internal campaign today, which aims to promote eco-friendly behaviours at home. We’re asking all employees to submit a personal pledge – as displayed below by Lee, Kevin and Stefan during today’s company-wide live broadcast.

Lee Fenton – CEO
Kevin Clegg – Director of Sustainability
Stefan Hodgson-Grove – Head of Graphics

We will be purchasing a tree on behalf of every employee who submits their pledge, as part of our commitment to Earth Day’s Canopy Project, which aims to improve our shared environment by planting trees across the globe. Since 2010, EARTHDAY.ORG™ has planted tens of millions of trees with The Canopy Project, working worldwide to strengthen communities.


Our internal employee-led Go Green working group is also supporting this campaign, as part of their objective to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact on the planet each and every single day, across all our office locations. We’re getting our employees involved, to not only raise awareness, but also find new and improved ways to become more environmentally friendly.  

In the last few years, our Go Green team in London have worked to increase the number of recycling bins and introduce clearer signage to help employees identify which bins to use; adjust our paper towel dispensers in order to save up to 50% more paper; replace all available plastic bottles with cans or other biodegradable material; introduce reusable coffee cups to minimise single use waste; switch to refillable soap dispensers in all bathrooms; as well as a bigger emphasis on glass bottle recycling for all our office activities. As we work to ensure this is achieved across all of our locations, we’re also looking at how best to create action around initiatives that fit a more hybrid friendly way of working (i.e. both home and office) by promoting and supporting our employees in their eco-friendly behaviours at home.

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